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Bag Face Pair 28x35

BA 3110; BA3109
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Product Description

Bag faces are literally 'faces of bags'. They are designed to be attached to handy small bags for children. 

All of our products are from Turkoman region. Turkmen tribe currently resides on the norther steppes of Iran. The tribes traditionally have been nomadic sheep rearers, living on suitable pasture lands. They are horsemen and fierce warriors. In the olden days, they were known for their defensiveness for pasture and water, as well as a reputation for rading passing caravans and travellers. The Weaving technique is influenced by Afghan and Baluchi. As evident in the common use of madder red dye, which creates shades of red from deep red wine, scarlet to soft rose pink. 

Given their nomadic lifestyle, most weaved items are intended for personal use and delicate in size. These bag faces are especially designed for children as decoration of their over should-bag. 


This pair could be sold separate at £15 each. 

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