The Oriental Rug Gallery has been cleaning handmade Persian and Oriental rugs for since 1994. Regular rug cleaning is crucial to keep the rug at its best. Dust often leads to premature ageing and loss of colour. Professional cleaning clears cumulated dust particles as well as reducing dust allergy.

Each individual rug is unique and must be treated with utmost care, which is why we – the Handmade Rug Specialists – are the best candidates for cleaning and restoring the rug to the height of its glory. The cost of cleaning varies with each rug. The cost is dependent on the age, condition, origin, quality and state of wear and tear.

Our  services include dust removal, standard wash, Persian wash (for deeper clean), specialised cleaning for Chinese and Indian rugs, delicate washing for silk rugs and moth treatment.

To ensure the greatest care, all cleaning are done by hand. Handmade rugs deserve to be hand washed.

Please ring us on 07768616666 for more details on rug cleaning.