Oriental Rug Gallery is the only Oriental and Persian rug specialist store in Nottinghamshire.

We are also the only rug store with an artisan weaver, who has over 20 years experience in rug repairs. We can mend your handmade Persian rug right here in Nottingham.

Our services include reweaves, re-pilling, re-fringing, repairing sides, stain removal, stretching, reducing, removing coloured in and add sleeves for hanging.

The restoration cost depends on your particular rug; the difficulty of restoring varies with each individual rug. The size and degree of damage can also affect the leve of work and expertise required. Please bring your rug to the store, or simply call us to come to you, and we will give you the correct estimation of cost after examination.

Please ring us on 07768616666 to book an appointment or request further information.