Persian Nain A83 60 x 40 cm


60 x 40 cm
Nain are famous for being very finely woven rugs.
This sampler sized rug has a bird of paradise design with peonies. Peonies motif in Persian rugs are often present in finely weaved city pieces. It represents power, wealth and status of the Persian empire. These are Shah Abbas design palette peonies.

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Nain is an Iranian weaving centre that has only been active since 1920s. It produces very finely woven rugs. Most Nains have over 400 knots per square inch – and the best ones can have over 600 knots per square inch. Nain weavers use a number of patterns, although the Shah Abbas is the most popular. Shah Abbas design was created during Shah Abbas I regency. This design is also common in Keshan, Isfahan, Mashad as well as Nain rugs. It is a popular pattern copied by Indian and Pakistan rugs. Occasionally Nain designs will also contain flower buds and animals. All these patterns are worked in soft colour on very fine cotton warps, some with silk highlights and outlining.

Nain are usually made in one standard size, 5 1/4 by 3 1/2 feet, but they can also occasionally be found in sampler sizes or in full room sizes. Such sizes would have been made to order and specifically woven for a specific room or purpose for a client.

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