Persian Afshar BM62 164×125 cm


Rare finely woven Afshar with classic Afshar design of repeated medallions. Ages high quality wool that produces the soft sheen across the entire rug. The once bright red field has mellowed to a softer rose red with age.
164 x 125 cm

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Afshar (Afshari)

These geometrically patterned Iranian rugs are woven by semi-nomadic tribes. The majority have a short pile and are made in one basic size, about 6 by 5 feet. Although some larger sizes appear from time to time. Quite a few saddle bags are also produced. The most common Afshar design is composed of one or more large diamond-shaped medallions on a field of stylised geometric flowers. Other patterns include stylised depictions of mosques or animals and repeating pattern of botehs or flowers.

Afshar rugs are worked on cotton or wool warps and wool wefts, primarily on a ground of bright red or blue, with white and yellow as secondary colours. As these rugs are weaved by nomadic tribes, the quality of the wool varies, as does the general quality of the carpets ranging from coarse to medium.

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