Persian Malayer 195 x 123 cm


195 x 123 cm
60 year old Malayer in beautiful condition

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Contemporary rugs from the Malayer region of west central Persia should not be confused with the old Malayer Ferahan, which are no longer made. Malayers encompass the works of a number of village weaving groups in and around the small market town of Malayer. Malayers are generally very well made, using top quality pile wool and mainly vegetable dyes. Although they are not among the most finely knotted Persian rugs, they are soundly constructed and durable.

Malayer designs are similar to the more traditional Sarouks schemes but slightly coarser and more geometric; some villages in the region produce item closer in appearance to those from Borujird or Borchalu. the most common ground colour is dark blue, but rust red and cream are also used and a number of paler blues, reds, yellow ochres and burnt orange are introduced as secondary shades.

The town acts as a collection centre for the surrounding villages. Although some rugs are marketed under their village names, the vast majority are referred to as Malayers. they are rarely larger than c 7;x4′ (213 x 122cm).

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