Persian Karaja AL109 377×73 cm

377 x 73 cm



The village of Karaja is in north-west Persia, near the Russian border. The proximity of the Caucasus has had a profound effect on Persian weaving groups in the region thus a strong Caucasian influence can be clearly discerned in Karaja designs.

The distinctive design of its rugs – a repeating pattern of large, lozenge-shaped medallions surrounded by narrow borders – is similar to the design of rugs from neighbouring Heriz and Ardebil but with more intricate Heriz style field decorations.

Karaja rugs have comparatively low knot count. They are coarsely woven and correspond to a medium-grade Ardebil in quality.

Rugs from Karaja are available in earthy tones of brick and blue, and in two different shades of ivory. Their sizes range from 3×2 feet mats to 12×9 feet room sized carpets. Runners are usually in smaller sizes.

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