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Bakhtiari (Bakhtiare)
These dark and richly coloured rugs are made by nomads and villagers in southern Iran. The most prevalent design consists of a series of ellipse-shaped medallions filled with floral patterns and set against an extremely well-covered field. Another common Bakhtiari pattern is a garden design made up of a series of connected diamond or square-shaped compartment containing floral, or animal figures. The tree of life pattern is also popular. The colours used in all these designs are deep, bright and strong. Red and blue are usually the predominant shades, with yellow, brown, green and white accents.
Bakhtiari rugs are normally woven with Turkish knots on cotton foundations, and the wefts are somewhat loosely packed. They are often very easy to spot from the back of the rug. The pile is of medium height, and the weave can vary from coarse to medium. Bakhtiari rugs are made in sizes that range from 6×4 to 10×7 feet, although larger, square rugs are also fairly common. The garden design Bakhtiari has been interpreted successfully in weavings from India.
The best quality rug from the Bakhtiari region is called Bibibaff.

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