Persian Jozan AL87121 91 x 65 cm


91 x 65 cm
Beautiful piece of Jozan rug that is approximately 30 years old. It is tTypical of Jozan design and quality.

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This village lies halfway between the Arak and Hamadan weaving districts in Iran. Its rugs are traded in Hamadan even though they bear a closer resemblance to the Sarouk rugs that come from Arak. In fact, the word ‘Jozan’ is sometimes used as a prefix to describe some Sarouks. One way to tell the difference it that Jozans are woven on cotton warps using plain coloured wefts, while Sarouks are woven with blue wefts.
Jozan carpets are thick and heavy, they are woven with the best quality wool, and the pile is of medium height. Rich primary colours predominate, and the most common design is a medallion with either a Shah Abbas or Herati pattern in the field. Sizes range from 3x2ft mats to 14×10 ft carpets. Jozans are very expensive, but they are also very well made – and they have proven to be sound investments. You will rarely find a poor piece from this area.

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