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Mint condition. Circa 1960s

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Senneh (Sehna, Senna, Sinneh)
This town in the Iranian province of Kurdistan has the same name that is given to the Persian knotting technique – although the weavers in Senneh rarely use the Senneh knot. Their rugs are finely woven on cotton foundations with a distinctive single weft and a short pile, which make for a comparatively lightweight pile rug. Senneh is also known for its flat-woven kilim rugs.
The most popular used design element in Senneh rugs is the Herati, which is often incorporated into larger patterns formed by various coloured concentric, diamond-shaped medallions. Other designs include a repeating pattern of small botehs or small stylised flowers. All these patterns are surrounded by a typical Persian border composed of a main stripe with two guard stripes. Blue and white are the primary background colours, and red is used for accents.
These very durable rugs are among the most expensive carpets made in Iran.
Senneh rugs have proven somewhat difficult to copy. Their finely drawn designs do not lend themselves to the Indian weaving technique, which, as a rule, contains fewer knots per square inch.

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