Persian Isfahan AL104L 504×324


An exquisite, grand contemporary master workshop Isfahan with Pahlavi-style medallion and corner design on a Shah Abbas field.

Exceedingly fine weave of Kork on cotton foundation. Most intricate design sustained by the finest weaving technique. Scarlet red field embedded in a pearly field of cream, surrounded by the most handsome ultramarine border. A true, breathtaking master piece.

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Isfahan rugs are solely from Persia, weaved exclusively in workshop and master workshops. Price range from high to premium.

The ancient city of Isfahan in central Persia produces what are arguably the most consistently fine wool-pile rugs made anywhere in the world today. Their quality may be matched by individual items from the other major Persian workshop groups, but Isfahan rugs rarely miss the mark of premium quality rugs.
Isfahans are knotted solely on either cotton or silk foundations, with up to 400 Persian knots per square inch, using exceptionally good quality (often Kurk/Kork) wool for the pile, which is clipped quite low. the appearance of Isfahans produced in the last 70 years, under the Pahlavi influence, is radically different from those made in late 19th and early 20th centuries. The older rugs tend to employ a richer palette and more varied designs, and since they were made during the Qajar Dynasty, they are sometimes referred to as Qajar-style Isfahan rugs. Contemporary Isfahans place greater importance on technique over artistic flair. The softer, muted colour palette makes them more compatible with Western decorative schemes.

A range of traditional designs are used, such as all over Shah Abbas, vase, tree-of-life and pictorial schemes, but the most popular composition by far is based on a circular central medallion (derived fro the famous mosque of Shah Lutf Allah in Isfahan) set against an elegantly sculpted field decorated with intricately purling vine, palmette and floral motifs. The most popular colours are blue, white, pale mushroom and beige, but almost every colour and tone may be used particularly in master workshop items.

Masterworkshop items are made in a wide range of sizes, including extremely large carpets and are far more varied and innovative in their designs. Standard workshop rugs are generally made in smaller sizes – 6′ x 4′ 183cm x 122cm being the most common – but large room sized rugs are also made. Both workshop and master workshop items are frequently inlaid with silk, either as outlines on individual motifs or as large segments of the field. Large rugs made entirely out of silk are most rare.


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