Persian Joshagan AL51 195×125 cm


195 x 125 cm

Beautiful Joshagan in typical dusty rose field with champaign border and highlights.

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Rugs from Joshagan are the exception to the generalisation that geometric designs are only found in coarse weaving. These pine pieces from central Iran have a diamond-shaped medallion on a very well covered field of stylised, geometrical flowers and stepped spandrels. Their primary colours are red and blue.
Joshagans are worked in Persian knots on cotton warps and wefts, with a low to medium pile. They are usually found in sizes tailored to the European market; 10×7 and 12×8 feet are the most common.
Joshagan rugs are expensive, but their high knot count (which can range up to 160 per square inch) also makes them good values. For investors, it is worth well to note that the supply of Joshagans is relatively small.

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