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Kashan (Keshan)
The Kashan is one of the most expensive wool-pile rugs made in Iran. These fine carpets are commonly woven in the Shah Abbas pattern, with or without medallions or corner pieces. Pictorial rugs and variations on a classic vase medallion are also produced, as well as some geometric designs featuring a very stylised repeated elements that look like snowflakes. Many modern Kashans are worked in as few as five colours and have a predominantly blue appearance. In addition, Kashans are also still woven in the classic deep blue and burgundy field colours.
Kashan rugs are woven on cotton foundations in Persian knots with either silk or wool pile. The wool is of excellent quality, and can be very silky. In addition, the knots are quite firmly packed to form a dense, stiff carpet, the quality of which is determined by the size of the weft threads. The standard sizes for Kashans are 4×2, 5×3, 6×4, 12×9 and 13×10 feet.
As is the case with all Iranian carpets, the qualities of Kashans can vary greatly. One should be aware that some so-called Kashans are actually made in Yezd. These tend to be of lower quality. Since the designs are so similar, the name is much less important than the knot count when you are comparing rugs from these two areas. The higher the knot count, the more clear and intricate the details. Both Kashans are Yezds are expensive and both are good investments.

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