Persian Bidjar MA3519 59 x 40 cm


59 x 40 cm

Sample size Bidjar rug with rare ocean blue in border and centre. Such blue colour is very difficult to achieve and makes this rug stands out from the rest.

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Superb rugs woven in a small village about 30 miles from the town of Senneh in Kurdistan.
Bidjar rugs are also known as the ‘iron rugs’ of Persia because of their strength and durability.

In fact, the majority of antique rugs are Bidjar rugs due to their inherent durability by the extraordinary method of weaving unique to this weaving group. The knotting on Bidjar rugs is usually between 100 and 220 Turkish nots per square inch. Once upon a time, Bidjar were woven on wool foundation like all other tribal rugs, but they are now woven on cotton warps and wefts, resulting an even stronger rug that holds its shape well. This unique Kurdish weaving method demands each knot to be fully stacked, which means the warps are set at two levels, one on top of another. When a row is completed, a metal rod or heavy metal comb is inserted and hammered with force to pack down the triple wefts. As a result, Bidjar rugs are extremely durable, medium-pile rugs. One should never fold a Bidjar because the warp and weft are so tightly pressed together.
They are often weaved in rich dark colours with the classic Persian reds and blues. Herati design with French style roses in the border and corners are the most popular design for Bidjar rugs. They are sometimes woven in the Minahani pattern, as well as a design that features a large medallion anchored with palmettes, placed on either an open or a well-covered field.

Bidjar rugs are available in a full range of sizes, from mats to 12 by 9 foot carpets. They are well known premium rugs, but well worth the cost due to endurance and longevity.

Bidjar designs, particularly floral medallion and herati schemes, are copied by Indian weavers, but are easily distinguished from the originals by their paler, more pastel colours. Regrettably, Inido-Bidjars possess none of the structural qualities of Persian Bidjars.

Persian Bidjars represent excellent purchases. Not only are they extremely resilient, but due to the very small numbers produced each year they are also extremely rare.

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