Goltoghe 45 x 80 cm


45 x 80 cm
Persian Goltoghe, 40 years old, stunning, great quality ever

Bold geometric central medallion with corner design, the most predominant pattern in Persian rugs. delicate stylised animal figures radiates around the central medallion. Various geometrical floral boteh in the four corners. Deep indigo blue borders with a pattern of repetitive herati symbols of lively blues and greens.

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Goltoghe (also spelled Gholtogh, Gholtoogh or Qoltogh) is a small village in Iran located right next to Bidjar, the village that produced the worldly renowned ‘Iron Rugs of Persia’. Goltoghe rugs bear highly similar appearance and quality to Bidjar rugs where identical knotting techniques and same high quality wool are used. This makes Goltoghe essentially the same as Bidjar in style, durability and craftsmanship.

Although Goltoghe rugs are not as widely known as Bidjar, they are far rarer. Goltoghe rugs by comparison prefers more geometric scheme with even stronger colour palette, making them even more remarkable.

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