Persian Goltoghe 106 x 86 cm


106 x 86 cm

Persian Goltoghe rug that is at least 25 years old that we know of, in perfect condition. Superb example of a village rug.

Geometric central medallion radiates outwards with changes in field colours from marine blue to scarlet red and softens to a gentle cream. Guls and motifs throughout the rug with the most powerful contrasting colours.

Most interestingly, this Goltoghe has the lovely and perceptible abrashes. Abashes are naturally occurring horizontal lines that is lighter than the rest of the rug, which is a hallmark of authentic handmade rugs.

Abrash is a result of traditional dyeing technique in Persian rug weaving, where a small batch of wool is hand dyed in the village. Each dye bath differs in colour due to factors such as weather/humidity, temperature, dye duration and most importantly wool absorption. Where wool from younger sheep but much greater ability absorb and retain colours than wool from older sheep. This results a variation in colour evident in bands/stripes across the rug, which is the weaver’s unintentional artistry likes a narrative woven into the essence of the rug.

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Goltoghe (also spelled Gholtogh, Gholtoogh or Qoltogh) is a small village in Iran. It is located right next to Bidjar, the village that produced the worldly renowned ‘Iron Rugs of Persia’. Goltoghe rugs bear highly similar appearance and quality to Bidjar rugs where identical knotting techniques and same high quality wool are used. This makes Goltoghe essentially the same as Bidjar in style, durability and craftsmanship.

Although Goltoghe rugs are not as widely known as Bidjar, they are far rarer. Goltoghe rugs by comparison prefers more geometric scheme with even stronger colour palette, making them even more remarkable.

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