Quashgai 62 x 65 cm


62 x 65 cm

persian quasgai poshti kork on cotton foundation

Kork wool is the finest and softest wool. It is very specific wool on nape of the neck on young baby lamb. Only one shaving is allowed per lamb as subsequent shavings are inevitably too coarse to qualify for ‘kork wool’. Such highly priced raw material tend to be used by the best and the finest weavers in the village/tribe. Kork wool rugs are much more sought after as a result of superior raw material and superior weaving technique from the masters.

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The Quashqai ( Qashqa’i, Kashkai, Gashgai) is a tribe of south Persian nomads who trade their finely woven, geometrically patterned rugs in the city of Shiraz. Today the name has come to be used for the best quality rugs from the whole Shiraz area. Quashqais are brightly coloured in reddish browns and blues. They typical design usually has a diamond shaped centre and a richly detailed background filled with small geometric figures or stylised flowers. They prayer rug is also very popular among Quashgai weavers.

Quashqai rugs generally have wool warps. They can be easily identified by their red wool wefts and by a selvedge that raps the sides of the rug with two or more colours of yarn. These rugs can be very finely woven and when their pile is clipped short, the finished rug will be rather stiff. Quashqai are made only in smaller sizes up to 8 x 5ft. they are among the most expensive rugs from the Shiraz area and their prices can sometimes even rival those of the more formal city rugs.

All our rugs at Oriental Rug Gallery are hand weaved carpets by professional rug artisans, village weavers and nomadic tribes in Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa regions. Our rugs range from designer artist labels to rugs lovingly created by women at home. Oriental Rug Gallery specialises in Persian rugs, but we also have a selection of other authentic rugs from other regions in the world. Give us a call on 07768616666 to find out more about this rug.

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