Persian Sarouk MA2512 387 x 278 cm


387 x 278 cm

Large Sarouk with double niche medallion. Navy field framed adorned by champagne themed colours of floral motifs. Phenomenal details and finest weaving technique.

Wool fabric react to camera differently. We try to capture the truest colour of the rug without compromising its colour integrity by using editing softwares. The final photo in this Sarouk rug is taken in midday natural sunlight outdoors, which should demonstrate the colours in its most accurate form.
Having said that, in a north facing room the field may appear black rather than navy blue.

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Sarouk (Saruk)
The Sarouk is the best quality rug from the Arak weaving district of central Iran, an area that was once called Sultanabad. For over half a century, Sarouks have been woven in a distinctive design that consists of brightly coloured detached floral sprays, with or without a medallion, laced throughout a red or blue field and surrounded by a simple main border in a contrasting colour. One variant of the standard Sarouk design is the small repeated boteh pattern called the Seraband, or Mir. In addition, Sarouks are also occasionally woven in patterns that resemble the open field Kerman, and Sarouks destined fro the European market are worked in a classic intertwining medallion design. These are sometimes called Jozan Sarouks because of their resemblance to the rugs produced in the nearby town of Jozan.

Sarouks are woven on cotton warps, and sometimes you will be able to identify them by their distinctive blue wefts. The knotting can be very fine, and the wool is of excellent quality, so the finished carpet is quite hard-wearing. The pile, which was once clipped (shaved) quite close, is now left somewhat longer in deference to tastes of the Western market.

All our rugs at Oriental Rug Gallery are hand weaved carpets by professional rug artisans, village weavers and nomadic tribes in Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa regions. Our rugs range from designer artist labels to rugs lovingly created by women at home. Oriental Rug Gallery specialises in Persian rugs, but we also have a selection of other authentic rugs from other regions in the world. Give us a call on 07768616666 to find out more about this rug.

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