Persian Tabriz MA97104 295cm x 210cm


A flawless Persian Tabriz in perfect, exquisite condition. Oval central medallion in a field of seamless flowers. Cream field anchored in a deep blue navy border with red accents. Smaller intricate floral motifs intertwined with graceful, sweeping rose vines. A rug depicting the scenery of a rose garden with companion flowers. Roughly 30 to 40 years old. Wool on cotton, fine knotted rug, short pile.

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A classic Persian design that is most likely produced and weaved in workshop and master workshops. Made in and around the town of Tabriz in the Azerbaijan district of northwest Persia, they represent the most variable Persian workshop items produced. The top of the range Tabriz are as fine and aesthetically satisfying as the most accomplished Isfahan or Kashan. At their worst they can be as coarsely knotted and clumsily composed as an undistinguished village rug.

Tabriz rugs are usually woven on cotton foundations, although silk is sometimes used for the finest, most accomplished weavers. Tabriz knot count can vary between 80 and 400 Turkish knots per square inch. The local Maku wool is very strong, if a little coarse, making the better quality Tabiz sturdy and hard-wearing. The pile may be trimmed either short or medium/long. As a general rule, the shorter the pile the better/finer the rug.

The design repertoire of Tabriz is arguable the most diverse and innovative in the whole of Persia, and includes interpretations of almost every Persian and universal design. The most favoured designs are medallion, pictorial, garden, hunting, allover floral, Shah Abbas, boteh and herati. In addition, Tabriz weavers have consistently evolved designs to which they have given their names (Tara Tabai, Nizam and Hady Ali etc).

Then colour palette is equally varied. Depending on the market for which the rugs are destined, can be either extremely rich and vidi or more restrained in tone.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 295 × 210 × 3 cm


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