Quashgai AL623 65 x 61 cm


65 x 61 cm

One of the finest examples of a rug. Super high definition in clarity to due high knot count. Fantastic ruby red background with clear and concise motifs in lighter contrasting colours such as cream ad sky blue. Unique borders made up of hundreds of small diamonds in light cream, reds and blues. Stunning piece.
Ideally made to be the face of a large cushion.

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QASHAI (Kashkai, Gashgai)
The Quashqai tribe is a south Persian nomad tribe who trade their finely woven, geometrically patterned rugs in the city of Shiraz. Today the name has come to be used for the best quality rugs from the whole Shiraz area. Quashqai are brightly coloured in reddish browns and blues. The typical design usually has a diamond-shaped centre and a richly detailed background filled with small geometric figures or stylised flowers. They prayer rug is also very popular among Quashqai weavers.
Quashqai rugs generally have wool warps. They can be easily identified by their red wool wefts and by a selvedge that raps the sides of the rug with two or more colours of yarn. These rugs can be very finely woven and when their pile is clipped short, the finished rug will be rather stiff. Quashqai are made only in smaller sizes up to 8 x 5ft. they are among the most expensive rugs fro mthe Shiraz area and their process can sometimes even rival those of the more formal city rugs.

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