Bidjar MA4361 60 x 41 cm


60 x 41 cm

Beautiful sample sized Bidjar rug with all over design. Cream background with vivid floral motifs in various reds and browns, which creates contrast with the cream background that serves as a blank canvas.

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Bidjar is also known as the ‘iron rug’ of Persia. Bidjar is a stiff, heavy carpet that is quite thick and dense. Bidjar carpets were once woven on wool foundations, but they are now worked on cotton wars and wefts, using the finest Kurdish wool for the pile. Each knot is fully stacked, since the warps are set at two levels, one on top of the other. When each row is completed, a metal rod or a heavy metal comb is inserted and hammered upon to pack down the triple wefts. These extremely durable, medium-pile rugs are produced in rick, dark colours – primarily reds and blues – usually in the Herati design with French-style roses in the borders and corners.
Bidjars are also woven in the Minahani pattern, as well as in a design that features a large medallion anchored with palmettes, placed on either an open or a well covered field. Bidjar rugs are available in a full range of sizes, from mats to 12×9 foot carpets. They are comparatively very expensive, but well worth the cost because they are so durable. They also make very good investments.
Persian Bidjars are the most costly as they have the best quality by a long way compared to Indo-Bidjars.

All our rugs at Oriental Rug Gallery are hand weaved carpets by professional rug artisans, village weavers and nomadic tribes in Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa regions. Our rugs range from designer artist labels to rugs lovingly created by women at home. Oriental Rug Gallery specialises in Persian rugs, but we also have a selection of other authentic rugs from other regions in the world. Give us a call on 07768616666 to find out more about this rug.

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