Persian Kerman MA852 59 x 78 cm


59 x 78 cm

A classic red Kerman rug with a vase central medallion. Finely woven and superb condition.

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Kerman (Kirman)
The Kerman district of southeastern Iran is a bleak and desolate area, hardly the sort of a place you would expect to find some of the most sophisticated and expensive rugs in the world. The Kerman patterns have been influenced by the flowery French Aubusson rugs; their pastel colours are almost always displayed on an open field of champagne, light or dark blue, dusty rose or light green. These pieces are woven with finely spun pile and foundation yarns, and with triple wefts. They are left with a high pile. Unfortunately, the pile height sometimes tend to obscure the definition of the rug’s design, a situation that is further complicated when the rug is chemically washed. Traditional high-pile Kermans are available in perhaps widest range of qualities found in Iran, for this reason, their knot count is an especially important decision.

Shorter-pile Kerman rugs are also beginning to appear on the market, in a more limited range of sizes than the traditional higher pile Kermans, which are available in as broad range of sizes as any Iranian rugs. The new shorter-pile Kermans have intricate, scrolling designs in brighter colours. They are reminiscent of an older period of Iranian weaving. These rugs tend to be even more costly than their already expensive predecessors.

All our rugs at Oriental Rug Gallery are hand weaved carpets by professional rug artisans, village weavers and nomadic tribes in Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa regions. Our rugs range from designer artist labels to rugs lovingly created by women at home. Oriental Rug Gallery specialises in Persian rugs, but we also have a selection of other authentic rugs from other regions in the world. Give us a call on 07768616666 to find out more about this rug.

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